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  • Naturally caffeine free herbal tea
  • Specifically formulated with herbal ingredients that soothe overused voices
  • Coats the throat to help relieve any irritation
  • Contains only natural ingredients
  • No artificial flavours or colours
  • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans


Vocalzone tea was formulated by herbal experts for hard-working voices. Our tea is distinctively Vocalzone, with a powerful effect reminiscent of the iconic throat pastille. 25 TEA BAGS IN A BOX.


As with all Vocalzone products, extreme care has been taken to source some of the most powerful herbal ingredients to form the basis of our product.


This is a no-nonsense tea, so grab a tea bag, boil some water and brew to taste (2-3 minutes should do it)!


Vocalzone Tea is a blend of powerful ingredients which herbal experts associate with promoting a healthy voice. We believe that our decaf tea is the perfect throat remedy for singers, performers, teachers and essentially anyone who uses their voice.


For a full breakdown of the ingredients and the herbal benefits of our ingredients please see below:

Red Sage: A common ingredient in herbal teas, Red Sage is celebrated for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also believed to promote blood circulation.

Fennel Seed: Fennel Seed is an aromatic ingredient, with uplifting properties than can clear sinuses, and stabilize breathing.

Liquorice Root: Liquorice Root eases congestion by helping to loosen and thin mucus in the airways. The herb also soothes soreness in the throat.

Slippery Elm: Slippery Elm contains a substance called mucilage, which is what helps soothe and coat the mouth and throat.

Marshmallow Root: Marshmallow Root eases sore throats and dry coughs, and has antibacterial properties.

Cassia: Cassia helps provide a feeling of warmth in the body. It also has astringent properties which can help soothe a sore throat.

Safety Warning:

Contains liquorice: people suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.


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