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Privacy Policy Background

Vocal Art Studios conducts a Music School in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
In the course of our business we collect private information about individuals. Accordingly, Vocal Art Studios is subject to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cmth), including the National Privacy Principles.
Set out in this Policy, are the internal Vocal Art Studios procedures in place designed to protect the privacy of the personal information that has been provided to us.

Information Collected by Vocal Art Studios

In relation to Students of Vocal Art Studios the following information will be collected:-

(a) the name, address, telephone number and date of birth of the Student;
(b) the name, address, telephone and email contact details of the Student’s Parent and/or Guardian;
(c) emergency contact information and medical conditions

Other information that may be collected by us in the course of Vocal Art Studios business includes personal information contained on any application for employment, credit references and checks or promotional campaigns and materials for prospective Students.

This information may be collected via telephone from Vocal Art Studios or 3rd party Call Centre, at point of sale, at promotional seminars, via the internet or when a Student or that Student’s Parent and/or Guardian contacts Vocal Art Studios with a query, feedback, concern or complaint.
Vocal Art Studios collects your personal information only with your consent.
Viewing information via our iPhone Application, Facebook, Twitter, Website, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube. Vocal Art Studios does not know the name, address or contact details for anyone that may interact with us through social media unless they have given us their contact details. Through our FREE iPhone Application, we are given a Country only of where the App has been downloaded from.

The Security of the Information Collected by Vocal Art Studios

Vocal Art Studios will take all reasonable steps to ensure protection of your personal information that you have provided against misuse, unauthorised access or disclosure to parties other than in accordance with this Policy.
Personal information will be stored in electronic and/or paper formats. Vocal Art Studios will take all reasonable steps to ensure that authorised persons having access to that information, must use appropriate passwords and data protection codes and only access that information in order to perform their duties specified by Vocal Art Studios
Vocal Art Studios will never sell your personal information to a 3rd party for the purposes of direct marketing campaigns or promotions. Vocal Art Studios will only disclose information in accordance with the terms of this Policy.

What the Personal Information Collected by Vocal Art Studios is used for

In relation to Students, the information is collected for the Student’s participation at Vocal Art Studios and ongoing management of that participation.
In relation to non-Students, information is only collected as a result of Vocal Art Studios ongoing business operations.

Disclosure of your Personal Information

Vocal Art Studios will only disclose your personal information to a third party in the following circumstances:-
(a) where it is required to do so by any law or regulation or order of any Court; or
(b) in accordance with the National Privacy Principles; or
(c) where it is necessary to do so in order to provide or improve services that it provides to its Students; or
(d) to Credit Reporting Agencies in the circumstances where monies are owed to Vocal Art Studios; or
(e) to specially selected 3rd party corporations (who have satisfied Vocal Art Studios’ requirements for privacy protection) to undertake promotional activities on behalf of Vocal Art Studios. An example of a promotional activity is a mailout to existing Students or prospective Students advertising a new promotion at the studio; or
(f)  with your specific consent in circumstances other than (a) to (e) above.

Access to Personal Information Provided to Vocal Art Studios

If you would like to view your personal information held by Vocal Art Studios, please contact the Vocal Art Studios Privacy Officer who will provide the information to you at no charge.
Vocal Art Studios Privacy Officer
Level 1 67L Matthews Ave, Airport West. Vic 3042
Tel: 03 9994 8066 

Vocal Art Studios
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