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We were thrilled to have Heather join the VAS Team in 2019 who comes to us with over 20 years experience.

Heather is a respected Piano & Theory Teacher who has had years of experience in Music Teaching, Corporate and Live events, and even a previous career as a Flight Attendant!

Heather has trained at the highest levels of both AMEB Piano and Theory and is well versed in teaching all styles of music from Classical, Jazz, Contemporary to Improvisation and Theory.

Also a trained Singer, Heather has played Keyboard and provided Vocals for various acts across Melbourne over the years.

A firm believer of good education, Heather has attended conferences and workshops on Pedagogy (theory and practice of education and how this influences the growth of learners) and has completed examinations in the field.

She is well versed in teaching exam material from both AMEB and Rockschool.

She is a passionate teacher who enjoys encouraging and assisting people of any age to enjoy music and help them achieve their goals.


Vocal Art Studios
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