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rockschool exams

Vocal Art Studios is thrilled to offer Internationally certified exams with ROCKSCHOOL. The No. 1 Contemporary Music Syllabus in the world. VAS is the largest provider of the program in Australia as well as an accredited worldwide exam centre and exam centre for AMEB in Australia.

VAS has been teaching Rockschool for 11 years.


The hottest training system for contemporary musicians, Rockschool is available in the following instruments (Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Ukulel) as well as male and female vocals, Music Production, Performance and Teaching diplomas.

It offers relevant practical skills for musicians, is constantly up to date with new trends and styles, recognised as a qualification world wide, and supplies the very best in examiners from overseas.

Students are able to progress through levels from Debut through to Grade 8.

It also offers Diplomas for both Music Performance and Music Teaching at two levels equivalent to 2nd and 3rd Year University Degrees.


Due to our affiliation with RSL Awards worldwide we can also offer credits into University music programs overseas


All of our teachers are able to teach the exam syllabus, and we supply all current work books and rules/regulations available.

VAS are the largest trainers of Rockschool, Internationally accredited exams in Australia with some of the highest marks worldwide on a yearly basis. 

ROCKSCHOOL is our preferred syllabus and is recognised worldwide. 

We also offer AMEB exams and are an official exam centre.

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