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Casey Newbold-Kerr has been teaching with VAS for 15 years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to assist with any enquiries.

Casey has gone on to study in the Music Performance Area and with Trinity College London and received one of the highest marks for Grade 8 Guitar in the world with Rockschool and has also successfully graduated the Diploma of Music Performance. He is also only the 2nd person in Australia to sit Grade 8 Music Production with RSL Awards (London) which he passed with Distinction in 2019.

Casey has performed for the last 20 years in Various Tribute, Cover and Corporate Acts including various tribute acts, Def Leppard Tribute, Van Halen Band,  Gran Slam, and a Tribute to The Who. He is currently working across the country in in "The Who Au" as well as original band "The Chevaliers".

Casey was one of the regular hosts on the TV/Internet Show "On the Mic" via The Muso Channel in 2018 where he interviewed and showcased Australian music and new talent.

A musical high in recent times saw the The Who in their California show open the big screen with a message at Casey; a long time fan.

He is also a podcast and video host and has interviewed artists including Kee Marcello from the band Europe and legendary guitarist Steve Vai.

He is well versed in working with songwriters of varying styles and assisting in the recording process and also teaches our Band Classes.

He is a passionate Teacher and teaches various styles of music; Country, Rock, Contemporary, Alternative and Blues. He likes to act as a musical “mentor,” offering advice and guidance to help people reach their musical goals.

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